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Lugares, VIAGENS

Capitólio, the paradise of Minas Gerais

I am Mineira and I love Minas Gerais , SO the next chosen destiny is Capitólo.  The Capitólio is getting more and more atencious due to its natural beauties including beautiful canyons.

We left sao paulo at 1 am e arrived there at 7:30 am. It was a nice trip and in the same day we took our first sightseeing.

We met the team at the tourism agency, where we were very well welcomed. There you can find  what it is necessary for a nice sightseeing, by the way we borrowed a spoon lol and also bought beverages and ice for a good price.



#1 Landscape

The access to the lookout is easy and the landscape is amazing. Canyon mirante is the most famous place in capitolio, so keep it on your list.  It is not difficult to get there but the sinalization is not good, you are supposed to take the road MG 050.

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#2 Ride through furnas

One of the sightseeings you should take is to furnas lake, where you can go by schooner,  chalana ( a kind of brazilian boat) or speedboat, and you see paradisiacal places.

Our time in furnas lake was short once we had three days to know the main attractions of our destiny. We couldn´t visit everything, so we decided for the coolest sightseeings.

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#3 Lost Paradise

The lost paradise counts with 3 creeks, 18 natural pools and 8 crystal water falls, and during the ride you get pretty close of the canyons walls.

Waterfall clasp of the saw
Edgewater Waterfall
Canyon of the hydroelectric plant


We could have explored all falls but two of them were enough to make us to want be there forever.

On the second day we scheduled the speedboat tour in the same agency wich has a partnership with www.capitoliopasseiodelancha.



– Canyons;
– Cascatinha;
– Blue Lagoon;
– Valley of the toucans;
– Waterfall of the island.
– Floating bars we passed:
– Floating island kanto bar;
– Port escarpments;


Where we got a delicious lunch.



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Our third day we were by ourselves, so we went back to the canyon to take the best shots. Unfortunately our trip was short, as i told you before but i can tell you guys that it was suficient to recharge the energies as the nature has this power of revigoration.

Even if you don´t have many days free it is worth to do what we did because it was unforgattable.


How to arrive in Capitólio:

Capitólio is in the southeast part of minas gerais bordering the road mg-050 and the closest airport is in Belo Horizonte, 283 km far from Capitólio. There are daily  direct flights from  all parts of brazil.

If you go by bus you can take viação gardenia which goes from belo horizonte to capitolio but there are other buses leaving São Paulo all the time.

Going by car you take the access by MG-050, there are some tools  and the quality of the road is good  the cities pouso alegre, alfenas, varginha, lavras e passos are some other references for who goes by car.


Kisses Paty


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